Ad-hoc Analysis and Visualization of OBIEE Data with Tableau

  • Bring OBIEE data to life in minutes with Tableau
  • Re-use OBIEE reports, subject areas and security without any changes
  • Automate extraction of OBIEE data to Tableau without messy Excel or SQL.

What is BI connector?

BI connector is an innovative technology that acts as the bridge between Tableau and OBIEE. It seamlessly manages the messages between these two platforms and ensures that they are compatible with each other. Using algorithms, BI connector optimizes the connection and data queries from Tableau to OBIEE subject areas and reports catalog.

Easy to Use Self-service BI

Users visualize OBIEE subject areas and reports catalog with Tableau in minutes. Stop wasting days/months in export/import and data preparation.

Cost and Time Savings for IT

Save months/years of development time and consultant expenses by reusing the OBIEE business logic with Tableau. Self-service BI reduces BI backlogs for IT.

Unparalleled Flexibility to Users

Visualize and analyze the OBIEE data as needed to drive your business, without requiring any IT or technical assistance.

Safeguard OBIEE data

Use BI connector to prevent access of sensitive OBIEE data by unauthorized users. Use OBIEE security model with Tableau to eliminate data security risks from Excel export/import and SQL data access.

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Customer and Partner Spotlight

"BI connector made my day! This has been our wish list for quite some time, so glad such a great solution exists."
-Business Operations Analyst, Large Public University
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